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Luxury Home Values in Park City, Utah

A look At Price Changes Over the Past Decade


September 24, 2007

Park City has seen significant growth to home values over the past decade. The average price of a home in Park City has increased by 71% during the past ten years. In the chart below the phenomenal grow of Park City home prices are displayed in two different sets of figures. The first set denotes the average price sold. The other set displays the average square foot price. As you can see from both sets of numbers, Park City has seen considerable home value growth after the 2002 Winter Olympics as well as before the Olympics.



Park City Home Value Increases Over Past Ten Years

Change in Average Sold Price Amount Difference Since 1997 % Increase Since 1997
Average Sold Price, YTD 2007 $966,549 $684,910 71%
Average Sold Price, 2005 $588,572 $306,933 52%
Average Sold Price, 2001 $488,203 $166,564 37%
Average Sold Price, 1997 $281,639 - -
Change in Average Square Foot Price Amount Difference Since 1997 % Increase Since 1997
Average Square Foot Price, YTD 2007 $453 $309 68%
Average Square Foot Price, 2005 $309 $165 53%
Average Square Foot Price, 2001 $187 $43 23%
Average Square Foot Price, 1997 $144 - -


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